Bryan Knicely, Stonewall National Museum & Archives, Fort Lauderdale, USA: Call for Cooperation

"We are hoping that our colleagues from around the world will share these resources with us to post, so we can all help each other in the process of LGBT K-12 curriculum development."

Bryan Knicely from the Stonewall Museum & Archives will hold a session about LGBTI education in the K-12 curriculum at the LGBTI ALMS 2012. As a follow-up of his paper, he, therefore, asks you to cooperate with him and send in materials and best practice resources from your organizations. 

Click on read more, to read Bryan Knicely's full call for cooperation. Read, enjoy and participate!

Sort of the follow-up to the Concept Paper is that Stonewall National Museum & Archives will be hosting a Symposium in February 2013 - The Kids Are Not All Right through our cooperative joint venture with the Broward County Schools (6th largest school district in the US). We will be bringing together the top 10 school districts from across the United States to discuss best practices related to LGBT issues, lesson plans and activities currently in use. Our goal is to create action plans for the 10 districts to return back home and implement to their next level. Stonewall will create a digital network to keep the districts linked as they make progress and report back to the larger group. Our goal is to expand the digital network to include best practice resources and materials from around the world. Stonewall is committed to developing a digital archive of materials currently in use, so we can share best practice ideas from one location. We are hoping that our colleagues from around the world will share these resources with us to post, so we can all help each other in the process of LGBT K-12 curriculum development. Stonewall anticipates follow-up Symposiums and Conference to expand the reach to other school districts after the initial Symposium in February 2013.

As the next step, Stonewall is convening a faculty of scholars from around the United States to meet after the February 2013 Symposium in order to begin to develop the first of its kind LGBT K-12 curriculum that is based on history and profiles and not lesson plans on bullying, safe schools, self-esteem, etc. We will rely on those schools who are part of a Safe Schools or Welcoming Schools network who already have lesson plans in place on bullying, etc. to be the first to implement the curriculum on history and profiles on LGBT people.

Please join us, and share your information so we can share it with others…we are not alone in this movement!


  1. I am very interested in this development, and though based in the UK would like to be kept in the loop as things develop.

    I believe the need over hear is equally as large as the USA, and I am also investigating whether we can get a LGBT museum funded - we have a number of archives spread all over the place, but no coherent strategy I feel.

    1. In the UK link up with Schools Out and ducational activities during LGBT History month. The key person there is Sue Sanders. London Metropolitan Archives is developing an LGBT schools pack as part of its ongoing outreach work. This is due out in February 2013 to coincide with our LGBT History and Archives conference on 16 Feb. I think central coherence is an issue and one to keep raising. Jan Pimblett at London Metropolitan Archives