Andy Sacher, Los Angeles, USA: The Lavender Effect

"Can we retain a distinct 'queer identity' and ethos, while participating fully in society? The Museum and Cultural Center will frame the dialogue by posing the right questions for discussion."

Andy Sacher is the Executive Director of The Lavender Effect project. The idea of the Lavender Effect is to create a LGBTQ Museum and Cultural Center in Hollywood that will "concentrate on the regional history of the LGBTQ movement and its place in world history, as well as the reciprocal influence on our region of LGBTQ contributions to civilization, aiming for an audience of both straights and gays." 

What do you think about the Lavender Effect? How do you think could it be realized? To read the full paper click on the following link:  The Lavender Effect Enjoy, comment, discuss and share!

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  1. Great to have Andrew presenting at such an important conference. As an Advisor to The Lavender Effect, I have previously posted my thoughts as a response to this very concern on my website in June 2012. The posting can be found here: http://mannetta.com/wordpress/2012/06/14/why-we-need-an-lgbtq-museum/